Dog of The Week: Bunty!

It’s that time again, and this week our chosen pooch is Bunty, a gorgeous

unnamedChocolate Labrador. After seeing Bunty and her owners Bryan and Gill come into the pub a few times, I finally asked how the three of them came to be. Their story is a great one, and after I heard it, I knew that Bunty would have to take the prize this week.

When I spoke to Bryan and Gill they’d only had Bunty for five weeks, and fell in love with her instantly. Previously having been a rescue dog Bunty had struggled to come out of her shell. This meant that she was due to be euthanised, until Bryan and Gill stepped in and gave her a home.
Looking at Bunty now, lying peacefully by Gills legs, soaking the warmth from the fire, it’s hard to believe that anyone could have thought of putting her down. “We wouldn’t give her back for anything” Gill told me, stroking Bunty’s head, “she needed a home and the rest is history.”

So here’s to you three, we hope to see you at the bar soon for a pint of Best, half an Amstel, and warm spot for Bunty to lay her head.


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