Merry Christmas from all of us at The Cat’s Back

A happy Christmas Eve Eve to anyone who might find themselves reading this today. It has been a manic month here at our pub, and we couldn’t have achieved all that we did, without all of you.

I think that Christmas means something different to everyone. For some it’s booze, and others food- though for most of us it’s probably both. Some people like giving, others like getting, and whenever I ask people on the other side of the bar: “what’s your favourite thing about Christmas?” I get a myriad of answers just like these.

But most of all, before food, films, jumpers and music, comes family. Christmas walks, Christmas dinner, present opening, copious drinking and poor singing all with the people we love. Whether it’s your Dad who falls asleep in the armchair, or in my case, my Grandma who drinks us all under the table every single time. Or maybe it’s your best friend that you should probably take the time to tellScreen Shot 2017-12-23 at 14.08.45.png you see as a brother- or the new friends you’ve made that already feel like you’ve known for years.

It is all these people and more, that make this time of year worth looking forward to, and it’s the memories that you’ll make together, that are worth wrapping up and keeping forever. And when January rolls around, and the streets are lined with trees, the world seems to snap straight back into how it once was. After, of course, you’ve embraced or ignored New Year’s Eve. Though none of it can last, and as Frost said so well, nothing gold can stay, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it while it happens and be thankful that it did.

So with thank you’s in mind, I think the whole pub will agree with me in saying that our Christmas has been made by every customer who bought a drink and ate with us this December. Whether you just popped in or had a million of you gathered round for a Christmas dinner, thank you, for choosing us. Thanks to all of you that came in withย  Christmas hats, jumpers and in a couple of instances, equally disgraceful Christmas suits. And to all of you that screamed our pub down singing Fairytale of New York, and shouted “Merry Christmas!” on your way out, thank you for bringing a little bit of festive cheer into the pub with you.

It has been hard work, and at times it seemed like we were never going to be able to do it, but thanks to all of our hard-working staff, and most importantly Dan and Toby, we have made it to Christmas Eve Eve, with our reputation and dignity (for the most part) still intact. I think I can safely say we have all developed a slow-burning, and steady drinking problem, smoked too many cigarettes and stayed up too late. Though all of this can be tackled in the new year, so for now, it’s time to relax, pour ourselves a drink, and cheers to a wonderful Christmas in 2017.


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