Get rid of those January blues this Friday at The Cat’s Back.

Happy New Year to you all!

A lot has happened since our last post. We had a massive New Year’s Eve Party, with the last men standing, I believe, until 2pm on New Year’s day. Jack our prize barman, and Toby our head chef and landlord have binned the booze (for now) and started hitting the gym. Dan, our other landlord has just hit his ten-day mark of no smoking and is very excited about his new and improved sense of smell. The Kali sisters have taken up veganism, I myself have cut the carbs and our french wonder Monsieur Octave, has got a brand new do.

I personally see January as one giant hangover. As the month rolls on, happier memories of Christmas festivities fade and merge with the memories of every other Christmas, until you can’t quite remember which was which. Then comes the time to return to work, and life goes on as it always did. So, we think it’s about time at The Cat’s Back that we eradicate those January blues with some great comedy. Let’s forget, if only for an evening- all the ways in which we have chosen to better ourselves in 2018. Let’s lose the pressure, and remind ourselves that nothing should ever be taken too seriously, especially not at our pub.

With that in mind- we invite you all to pull up a pue at our night of stand up comedy, this Friday (that’s Friday the 12th of January) at 8pm. Our good friend of the pub Andrew Silverwood and Mr Joey ‘as seen on Never Mind The Buzzcocks’ Page, are putting on some FREE London shows, previewing their comedy gold before jetting off to Australia to perform it for Fringe World Festival.

Like I said, tickets are free- but numbers for the show are limited. So send a quick email to: to reserve yours.

In case you missed anything,

The 12th of January, 8pm, here at:
The Cat’s Back
86-88 Point Pleasant,
London SW18 1NN

We hope to see you there, for laughs and drinks all round.

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