Artist In Residence: Ken Cox

Portrait of Putney Artists Ken & Margot Cox, photographed as part of the Open House exhibition by Daniel Lewis.

The Cat’s Back is proud to present our latest art installation by the wonderful Ken Cox. Our rotating wall of art is now home to Ken’s collaged screen prints and weird and wonderful guitars.

As said so eloquently by Putney Artists Ken subverts the form of vintage American comic books with multilayered, collaged screenprints that reflect preoccupations with time, love, loss and identity.

I remember when Ken first came to the pub talking about his prints. Having seen three artists come and go prior, it’s always exciting to welcome a new world of art into the pub. After pouring him a glass of Merlot, he told me “it’s not like your current collection at all.” Pulling his phone out of his pocket he showed me a few photos, “it’s like vintage pop art, using old images of the Americana.” And from Ken’s phone to our wall, the prints hang as if they have always been there. Their eclectic mix, and vibrant colours fitting in perfectly with the atmosphere we strive to create. As I helped Ken hang his prints, I found his modesty endearing. He asked me, “I’ve got these handmade guitars, made out of all sorts of things- They’re unplayable obviously, but pretty cool. What do you think? ” I told him it sounded like they were just what we needed here at The Cat’s Back.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 14.34.44

The next time I came in for work, all the prints and guitars were up, and the wall felt completed then. Just like our pub, Ken’s work celebrates all that is good in the eccentric, the different and the unique. Not to mention, they are really rather impressive. So the next time, or the first time you come for a drink with us, we encourage you to take a look at our rotating wall of art. Because that of Ken Cox is not to be missed.


Thanks for reading! Here’s some of Ken’s info just in case you feel like getting in touch or grabbing one for a wall of your own.

Telephone: 020 3732 0994
Mobile: 07903 816 592


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