Time Out LOVE LONDON 2018 AWARDS: Vote For Us Now!

Local (Noun)

  1. An inhabitant of a particular area or neighbourhood.
    the street was full of locals and tourists
  2. British informal A pub convenient to a person’s home.
    ‘a pint in the local’

I’ve rewritten the opening sentence of this piece over four times now, trying to find the perfect words and the perfect order in which to put them. I could say something cheesy like: “here at The Cat’s Back we are proud to say that we take the time know our locals.” And while this is true, it still doesn’t feel like the right way to say it.

I also opted for a quippy anecdote about a charming man who was rather inebriated, that fell outside the pub, hit his head and waited inside for the ambulance we called, whilst we fetched him ice for the bruise and coffee for the booze. Still, I deleted it and started all over again.Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 12.38.13

I then came to realise that there really is nothing to say. Because the truth is, we are a tiny Victorian pub, hidden away amongst the brand new flats of the Riverside Quarter, quietly holding the flame for the traditional. There are bigger pubs than ours, fancier and pricier ones too. But chances are, if you’ve come in more than once, we’ll remember your drink of choice and your name. Chances are, we’ll make you smile and go out of our way to make your visit a good one. And what it comes down to, is that our food is great, our beer is too- and whether it’s me, Dan, Immy, Jack or Octave on our side of the bar, will always be ready to learn new names, and remember more drinks.

Because we know that Fisher, for example, will always have a pint of Best in a jug. Much like Paul and Nigel. American Paul will have a Best too, but never in a jug, and maybe a Guinness or a lager, depending on his mood. Kim and Caroline will have two Guinness’ and maybe some water for their adorable sausage dog. Richard will want a pint of Fosters, or if he’s not having a drink, a tomato juice. Much like Mr John Fowler, who will have a tomato juice on occasion too. But when not having a soft drink, will have a glass of merlot topped up with water. The list goes on, and sometimes I wonder if I’ll know these guys’ drinks order for the rest of my life, much like song lyrics, you didn’t even realise you knew.

So, for those of you that have come to know us and hopefully come to love our pub, please take five minutes out of your day to vote for us in Time Out’s Love London Awards 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 14.27.18

Last year we managed to win for the best bar/pub in Wandsworth, and we’d love to make it two years in a row. It’s not often we ask a lot of our locals, only that you come in, have a good time and hopefully come back again.  But as pubs go, we think we’re a good one, so help us celebrate that. Voting opens today, so click here, to get yours in.

For any more info about the Love London Awards and how it all works

visit https://www.timeout.com/london/love-london-faqs

Cheers guys!



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