Music and Laughter here at The Cat’s Back

Right folks, after what seemed like a lifetime of glorious weather here in London, I think it’s safe to say that our heatwave is over- for the time being anyway. We all knew it had to end at some point, and it is on a gloomy Tuesday afternoon I am writing to you.

So, here at The Cat’s Back, we think this is the perfect opportunity to cheer you all up until the sun comes back into our lives once more, coaxing us into the false pretense that is thinking we will actually have a decent summer this year.

With that said, we have two events rapidly approaching to which we are excited to invite you. The first of the two: Kevin Davy’s Monster Jam. 


I think it’s safe to say that the last Monster Jam hosted by Mr. Kevin Davy was an absolute hit. Described by Fisher (a very reliable source of ours) that it was indeed ‘the best night’ he’d ever spent in our pub. So, without trying to brag, we’d like to invite you to the next one. This time we’re giving you plenty of notice, so there is absolutely no excuse for you to miss it. Hosted by Trumpeter Kevin Davy. The house band plays a set first, then guest musicians are invited to sit in and play. All are welcome and it’s completely free. So make sure to come down, this Thursday 12th July at 8pm.

As if a night of live music wasn’t enough, we’ve also go some top quality stand-up upstairs in our function room this Saturday.


Nick Hall and Tamsyn Kelly present previews of their kick-ass character/stand-up Edinburgh Fringe shows – all down by the Thames on a lovely Saturday evening.

And best of all – it’s Pay What You Want!

“Does a story even exist if it’s not on Instagram? Tamsyn Kelly is a hilarious, fresh, new voice. And she’s going to use that voice to be heard. Just like Emma Watson did in 2001 when she invented feminism. Or something like that. Probably. Tamsyn Kelly reminds us, with her big mouth, that in an age where we are surrounded by big mouths, it’s OK to use yours to say ‘I don’t know.’ Don’t worry, I know you’ve spent all your cash in Pret, so luckily this show is cheap. You’re welcome.” 


“No man is an island. But Nick Hall might be a peninsula. Hilarious and inventive stand-up, as seen and heard on BBC Two, BBC Three and BBC Radio 4. ‘Brilliant’ (Times). ‘Crackingly original’ **** (List). ‘One not to miss’ **** (Skinny).”

That’s this Saturday, the 14th of July from 7:30pm to 10pm.

We hope to see you there.

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